"Your Brain: A Fantastic Voyage! WHAT It Does, And WHY It Needs Chiropractic!" Reception Room DVD Slideshow, PLUS Matching PowerPoint Presentation Download

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Your Brain, A Fantastic Voyage: WHAT It Does, And WHY It Needs Chiropractic!

“Fantastic Voyage, as in the 1966 movie?” Yes! Format of the material is based off of this fun classic, seen in this clip.

What is the sneaky disconnect? The fact that patients do not fully understand HOW the adjustment process works to keep them healthy, because they do not understand HOW the brain’s function changes, following an adjustment. Once they understand, the WHY of regular chiropractic becomes crystal clear!

DVD Slideshow features continuous loops of 150 original and colorful slides, providing a look from the perspective of a brain cell at how the adjustment impacts the brain, and how the brain then improves the body’s health. The patient is taken on a fantastic voyage through the following 10 Topics:

  1. The Brain: WHAT is it? WHAT in the world does it have to do with the spine?!
  2. HOW the brain does what it does!
  3. The Brain and Health: Cause and Effect!
  4. WHY the adjustment is necessary for optimal brain function
  5. Cool Science, Part I: HOW chiropractic impacts the brain
  6. Cool Science, Part II: HOW the brain then impacts the rest of the body!
  7. Spotlight: HOW the brain controls specific bodily functions
  8. Consequences of poor brain/nervous system function
  9. The brain and medication: dangerous effects
  10. Brain development starts in the womb!

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Matching PowerPoint Presentation is included: An automatic download of all 150 slides in an editable format, so you can customize for lectures. Enough slides for 2-3 talks!

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