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Christine Kaczmar, D.C."Dr. Jen is unreal! Because of her Blackbook System, I was able to build my practice from scratch during the holiday season, and you know how hard that can be! I've taught my lay lectures in businesses and schools all around my town, and I'm still asked to come back and teach again. Sometimes I"ll even have businesses call me out of the blue, because they've heard that I teach health classes. It's one of the best ongoing sources of new patients, referrals, and significant increases in collections. And if it weren't for Dr. Jen, I would have never made the connections in the first place.

Before, I was always confident with the content of my lay lecture, but I didn't have anybody to teach it to! I tried getting into some places, but I couldn't get to the owner - it was always the secretary turning me away.

I don't know how Dr. Jen did it, but she came up with a technique that works. Her selections of where to go to find the most patients are right on the money. What Dr. Jen has done, by putting her whole process into a script format, is such a perfect solution, because it's proven to work, it's so affordable, and there are no monthly contracts to worry about.

If you want to build your practice in a way that keeps bringing you returns, even years later, I highly recommend Dr. Jen's scripts. They will NOT wind up in your storage closet. You'll really use it, because you'll love the results."

- Christine Kaczmar, D.C., Shelby Township, Michigan


Margaret Winters. D.C.Dr. Jen's Blackbook is awesome. I am now actually looking forward to making these phone calls. I've been giving a new patient PowerPoint since I've been in practice, but have never managed to take it out into the community - and the reason is simple, I don't like the thought of rejection any more than anyone else!

So now, with the Blackbook System, I have a great step-by-step procedure, with robust answers to possible objections, that takes the "sweaty palms" out of this long-overdue marketing task.

Thanks, Dr. Jen!"

-Margaret Winters. D.C., Towson, Maryland


Dr. Ramona D. WarrenThank you for all that you've done in creating the Blackbook System... next week I will be speaking to one of the largest women's groups here in our community! I appreciate the work you do and the quick and easy book you have put together to help give us the guidelines in how to get in front of people so we can teach them how to be healthier.

This is the way to change the healthcare of America, one person at a time, one community at a time. As the Chinese proverb says, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Your book provides many steps and it is up to us to take action by getting ourselves in front of our communities.

-Dr. Ramona D. Warren, Greensboro, Georgia

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