"Stress On The Mind? Stress In The Body!" Reception Room DVD Slideshow, PLUS Matching PowerPoint Presentation Download

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Stress On The Mind? Stress On The Body!

How many of your patients complain about their day-to-day lives? Without understanding why they must reduce their stress, patients reach “burnout” and fizzle out of your care.

DVD Slideshow features continuous loops of 125 original and colorful slides, covering the following 31 most significant physical health consequences that result from chronic emotional stress:

  1. Headaches
  2. Increased Cholesterol
  3. Diabetes
  4. Constipation
  5. Diarrhea
  6. Blood Pressure Abnormalities
  7. Decreased Cognitive Performance
  8. Increased Risk of Stroke
  9. Increased Risk of Heart Attack
  10. Decreased Muscle Tissue
  11. Asthma
  12. Weight Gain
  13. Insomnia
  14. Increased Risk of Cancer
  15. Infertility
  16. Lowered Immune Function
  17. Joint Abnormalities
  18. Decreased Bone Density
  19. Disc Degeneration
  20. Spinal Subluxation
  21. Heartburn
  22. Glaucoma
  23. Tinnitus
  24. Liver Problems
  25. Alopecia
  26. Brittle Nails
  27. Depression
  28. Prostate Cell Abnormalities
  29. Acne
  30. Allergies
  31. Cold Extremities

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Matching PowerPoint Presentation is included: An automatic download of all 125 slides in an editable format, so you can customize for lectures. Enough slides for 2-3 talks!

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