"Say NO To Brittle Bones! THE 7 Keys To Prevent Osteoporosis" Reception Room DVD PLUS Matching PowerPoint Presentation Download

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Say NO To Brittle Bones: The 7 Keys To Prevent Osteoporosis!

Smart and engrossing! Created in collaboration with Larry Smith, D.C., longtime practitioner and author of Embracing the Journey of Recovery.

DVD Slideshow features continuous loops of 130 original and colorful slides that go above and beyond, revealing “The What, The Why and The How" of osteoporosis, what to do, and what not to do, spanning the following 12 topics and including the 7 Preventative Keys:

  1. What is osteoporosis? Is it a normal part of aging?
  2. What happens to the bones?
  3. NSAIDS and their dangers
  4. How an osteoporotic spine affects the nervous system
  5. Osteoporosis and digestive ailments
  6. Medication: How it can worsen bone loss; common side effects
  7. How the nervous system controls bone regeneration
  8. Effect of spinal subluxations and falls
  9. Nursing home expense
  10. The critical role of chiropractic care!
  11. Fascinating Bone Facts!
  12. 7 Keys To Prevent/Reduce Osteoporosis:
    • Calcium, and why pasteurized milk is not the best source!
    • Vitamin D: Requirements and sources
    • Weightbearing exercise
    • Why no smoking or alcohol?
    • Bone Density Test
    • Prescription medication check
    • A nervous system free of interference

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Matching PowerPoint Presentation is included: An automatic download of all 130 slides in an editable format, so you can customize for lectures. Enough slides for 2-3 talks!

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