"Your Winning Responses To The Top 50 New/Prospective Patient Objections" Manual Of Scripts (Every Scenario Imaginable!!)

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Via NATURALLY-sounding scripts, you and your front desk staff will know exactly how to respond BEFORE it's too late, so you PREVENT those sneaky practice-growth leaks! You'll receive the most effective replies to each of the Top 50 objections, all of which occur during those pivotal "commit or don't commit", "continue or quit" and "try to avoid paying" moments. Examples include: "Il just skip the health talk, I don have time to come". "My back is too important to mess with". "I can afford it". "I hurt more after my appointment". "My medical doctor said I can come here". "I feel you're just trying to make money off of me". Responses are so effective because they're based upon "Patient Psychology"; they allow you to regain control of the conversation, with genuineness and ease. Receive as an immediate download.
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