".The Health, Wellness and Chiropractic" PowerPoint Presentation PLUS Training Version (The Most Effective Chiropractic 101!)

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(The title on the first slide is, "How To Maximize Energy And Minimize Stress At Work", as a suggested alternative. The title, and all slides, are editable.) This smartly done, original 65-slide presentation serves as a spot-on Introduction To Chiropractic type talk- it's ideal for any group of adults, AND makes a super New Patient Orientation! When adding to your order now, you'll receive the PowerPoint Presentation, PLUS, at NO extra charge, the presentation's "How To Give The Best Delivery" Online Training Video. The key to this talk's success, is that it leads your audience to conclude on their OWN that chiropractic is the answer... MUCH more effective than you trying to TELL them. Content covers the true definition of health, the problem with the medical model, the 3 types of stress, why we get sick, and all leading into the nervous system and chiropractic. Presentation serves well as a 45-minute talk. PowerPoint download and link to the Training Video will arrive in your inbox within 48 hours.
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