"Jeop-body! Second Edition: Your Spine, Nervous System and Chiropractic... Revealed!" Reception Room DVD Slideshow, PLUS Matching PowerPoint Presentation Download

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"Jeopardy!" Second Edition: Your Spine, Chiropractic and Nervous System... Revealed!

Modeled after the beloved television quiz show, Dr. Jen’s “Jeopardy” Series puts a zesty spin on your patients’ education!

This Second Edition DVD Slideshow features continuous loops of 161 original and colorful slides, including the following 40 chiropractic trivia questions; each is presented in a cool Jeopardy-style of "Answer", “Clues”, and the correct "What Is..." response:

  1. Nerves branch off of it, connecting it to your muscles and organs
  2. It's the number of vertebrae in your lumbar spine
  3. It's the opening between vertebrae
  4. It's misalignment of a vertebrae, placing pressure upon a spinal nerve
  5. It's the longest and widest nerve in your body
  6. It's the number of pairs of spinal nerves
  7. Only this percentage of your body’s nerves feels pain
  8. The weight of a dime on a nerve reduces the nerve's function by this percent
  9. Nerves in your fingers originate from this spinal region
  10. It's the number of miles of nerves in your body
  11. It's the cause of most everyone's first spinal subluxation
  12. It's the number of vertebrae in the thoracic spine
  13. Together, these two parts comprise your Central Nervous System
  14. A spinal disc requires a high content of this substance
  15. Dysfunction of the olfactory nerve limits your ability to do this
  16. This results when a spinal disc's fluid seeps through tiny tears
  17. It's the sleeping position best for your spinal health
  18. An influx of this gas causes the adjustment's popping sound
  19. It's the top speed at which nervous impulses travel
  20. It's the number of vertebrae in your cervical spine
  21. It connects your brain with your spinal cord
  22. It's the number of pairs of facial nerves
  23. Nerves innervating your heart emerge from these two spinal regions
  24. The coccyx is the proper name for this bone
  25. Faced with immediate danger, your nervous system initiates this response
  26. Nerves to the reproductive organs originate from this spinal region
  27. A lateral curvature of the spine, this is often reduced by chiropractic adjustments
  28. It's the length of time you can live without a working nervous system
  29. Nerves to the kidneys emerge from this spinal region
  30. This causes your heart to beat, lungs to breath, eyes to blink, and every other bodily reaction
  31. It's the force that transmits nervous system impulses from one neuron to the next
  32. During pregnancy, adjustments can help correct this fetal position
  33. The "SI" joint connects these two bones
  34. 90% of the stimulation to this organ is generated by movement of the spine
  35. Because you often cannot feel its presence, this is also called the "Silent Killer"
  36. With the initials P, C and E, subluxations result from these 3 types of stress
  37. Disc degeneration increases bone-to-bone contact, causing this spinal condition
  38. Directed by your nervous system, the average adult breathes about this many times daily
  39. It's the system that helps you fight illness, and it's boosted with every adjustment
  40. The first chiropractic adjustment was delivered in this year

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