"If You Weigh MORE, You'll Live LESS!! The WHY and HOW of HEALTHY Weight-Loss." Reception Room DVD Slideshow, PLUS Matching PowerPoint Presentation Download

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If You Weigh MORE, You’ll Live LESS! The Why And How Of Healthy Weight-Loss

Illuminating and uplifting! Note, material does not give specifics on any particular regimen, nor endorse any particular weight-loss program; rather, it allows YOU to incorporate your own perspectives and recommendations. When patients trust you with their weight issues, they trust you with everything!

DVD Slideshow features continuous loops of 142 original and colorful slides, covering the following 23 life-saving reasons to reach a healthy weight, plus the below 23 facts on the what and the why of whole foods over "diet" foods:

The 23 Life-Saving Reasons To Lose Weight!

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Stroke
  4. High LDL Cholesterol
  5. Cancer
  6. Type II Diabetes
  7. Migraines
  8. Asthma
  9. Allergies
  10. Acne
  11. Insomnia/Disturbed Sleep Cycles
  12. Lowered Immune Function
  13. Depression
  14. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  15. Back Pain
  16. Gallstones
  17. Breast Cancer
  18. Colorectal Cancer
  19. Prostate Cancer
  20. Kidney Disease
  21. Osteoarthritis
  22. Metabolic Syndrome
  23. Thyroid Conditions

The 23 Facts On The What And The Why Of Natural Foods Over "Diet Foods"!

  1. What's a Whole Food?
  2. Why not Diet Foods?
  3. Calories In vs. Calories Out: The simple weight-loss formula
  4. High Quality vs. Low Quality Protein
  5. Why raw produce speeds weight loss
  6. Skip the pasteurized dairy!
  7. Choose the right grains
  8. Fat Burning Foods: Truth Or Myth
  9. Soda: The calorie danger zone!
  10. How to make water more exciting
  11. How “good fats” help you burn!
  12. Sugar: The weight-loss NO-NO
  13. Why sugar replacements will backfire
  14. For Vegetarians: Top 3 Tips
  15. For Vegans: Top 3 Tips
  16. For Diabetics: Top 3 Tips
  17. How to eat high volume, for low calorie
  18. How to reduce food cravings
  19. Emotional eating and how to prevent it
  20. Sodium: How much?
  21. How late is too late to eat?
  22. Exercise: How much and what type?
  23. The Scale Trap: Muscle weighs more than fat!

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Matching PowerPoint Presentation is included: An automatic download of all 150 slides in an editable format, so you can customize for lectures. Enough slides for 2-3 talks!

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