Created Via Patient Psychology™, So They Bring You REAL Results.

Jennifer Honor, D.C.
 Jennifer Honor, D.C.

Serving our profession since 2007!

Dr. Jen uses her unique Patient Psychology™ to create the magnificent materials you want.

What is “Patient Psychology™ ”?

  1. Insight into how people perceive your verbal and written communications and patient-education. (What people PERCEIVE is what determines your result!)
  2. The understanding of precisely WHAT people need to hear and to see about chiropractic in order for them to perceive the message how you want them to, so they embrace the value and become lifetime patients.

Contact her at, or (516) 784-7802.

Dr. Jen’s products are from the heart; you, your patients and your community will love them all. Have questions or want help deciding? Dr. Jen is happy to speak with you; her contact info is above.

Hear what they are saying about Dr. Jen:

Bill Esteb
Bill Esteb,
Patient Media

The Get Onto Speaking Calendars Blackbook is the secret to accessing high-quality new patients!" Bill Esteb, Patient Media, Inc.

“Dr. Jen’s Reception Room DVDs and Presentations are second to none! They’re absolutely the best for starting conversations about chiropractic, health and healing. Diverse and timely topics appeal to a wide range of patients. THE most cost-effective educational tool you will ever find!”  Larrry Smith, D.C., Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

“Dr. Jen’s Patient DVDs are educating and entertaining. The eye-catching images and professional quality capture my patients’ attention, and educate on relevant topics. I have the entire collection, play them in my office continually and cannot recommend them enough!”  Jodie Stevens, D.C., Monroe, Michigan, USA

“Thank you Dr. Jen for all of your hard work making these DVD slideshows! I have them playing in every room of my office and in the education room while people wait to be served. Many are principled ChiropracTIC and the people love them as I do.  They ask questions, and participate in the Jeopardy type questions. Keep up the great work!”  Haig John, D. C., Melbourne, Florida, USA

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