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Jennifer L. Honor, D.C.
Jennifer L. Honor, D.C.
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“Who Else Wants to Get Past ‘The Gatekeeper’
and Reach Hundreds of New People?”
At one time or another, you’ve probably thought, “I’d love to speak within my area schools and businesses…if I could only get in!

Now, you can. THE Get Onto Speaking Calendars Of Schools And Businesses BLACKBOOK system gives you everything you need to reach the decision maker and secure your speaking engagements, within your community's best locations.

Jennifer L. Honor, D.C., creator of the Blackbook, is the "Get Past The Gatekeeper" Specialist. She’s served as a private consultant for fellow chiropractors, scheduling them to appear as guest speakers in those tough-to-get-into places. In the Blackbook, Dr. Jennifer has transcribed her entire technique into an easy scripted format, so both doctors and C.A.s can use it with smooth success. You’ll know precisely what to say, when to say it, and to whom. No guesswork.

The Blackbook Includes:

1. Seven “How To Get Onto Speaking Calendars” Scripts, one for each of your community’s seven time-tested “New Patient Hotbed” groups/businesses. This includes the school system.
Click here for a sample.

All “Hotbed” locations:

  • Have regular staff or other meetings, so you’re guaranteed an audience.
  • Share certain physical, chemical and/or emotional stresses.
  • Have a high percentage of women. Key, because women make most healthcare decisions for the family.
  • Are well-connected cornerstones of the community, so additional opportunities will quickly follow. You’ll be asked to return, to speak at other branches, etc.

Click here for another sample.

2. Follow-up Scripts. The full protocol for three rounds of follow-up calls. You’ll have the correct timing and verbage to “seal the deal”.
Click here for a sample.

3. Objection Scripts. Ah, objections. Enough to make any chiropractor cringe! You’ll receive responses for the seven most common objections:

  • “What’s in if for you?”
  • “I don’t think so. We’ve had a chiropractor come here before, and he was really pushy.”
  • “I’m not sure. We just had another chiropractor come here awhile ago.”
  • “No, we have an ongoing relationship with another chiropractor.”
  • “We already have our own internal staff that teaches those classes.”
  • “I can ask around and see if my employees are interested.”
  • “I don’t know, we never have a good turnout when we bring in guest speakers.”

4. Doctor’s Portfolio Template. The problem with most portfolios? They’re too long, and wind up in the trash. This consise, all-inclusive portfolio includes a Presentation Summary, Outline and Doctor’s Bio. Fill in the blanks, add your logo, and print on desired paper.

5. “Fill More Seats In Your Audience” Flyer Template. Promotes your presentation via key buzz-words that excite people to attend. Add your lecture name and time, and print on desired paper. Send to the contact of your upcoming event, and you'll have a quickly-circulating advertisement that works.

6. Blackbook Audio Recording. Listen to Dr. Jennifer’s vocal inflections as she reads through every script. You’ll hear how she’s sounded, to get consistently positive results, so you can command the same.

No need to spend thousands for marketing companies to schedule events for you. The Blackbook is an easy, affordable solution that you’ll use for the lifetime of your practice.

You Will Receive The Blackbook in Two Formats:

  • A printed version, shipped to you along with your Audio CD.
  • Instant downloads, so you can schedule speaking events immediately.

“Peace Of Mind Guarantee”:

If you make an honest effort to use this material per the instructions, and if you make it a regular part of your marketing campaign for the next 18 months, then within 18 months you will wind up with a minimum of 18 scheduled talks.  Whether or not you follow through with all 18 is up to you, but you'll have 18 opportunities.  If you have not achieved this at the end of 18 months, you are entitled to a full refund. 

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